Michael D Rogers

Initially Self taught in his teenage years Michael later graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography.Well known in Professional circles as a Photographer for all reasons .He has expert credentials in all aspects of such a diverse field .Michael has received many awards and credits for his work and contributions to the profession.His work has sold on an International basis and has been collected by enthusiasts of both Black and White and Color prints.Michael has had two studios and galleries in Ma. and Is now working in the state of Maine . Available for all travel assignments . He was appointed and accepted to Lexington's Who's Who 1999/2000 Millenium Edition as an accomplished professional photographer and educator in the field. Mr Rogers is also the past Director Of Photographic Education at the Internationally Prestigeous ,Hawthorne School Of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts. USA. The images he creates are with a wide variety of cameras from 35mm Nikons in Film and Digital to Medium Format 2.25 x 2.75 inch negatives right up to 4x5 Negatives ! Write to him at MDRCONCEPTS@YAHOO.COM for Questions on all Services, Quotes and Comments. or Call 207 790 1287